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Welcome to Thug Kitchen, bitches.  We’re here to help. We started our website to inspire motherfuckers to eat some goddam vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Our motto is simple:


“This is a fucking wake-up call. This is for that section of the grocery store that you avoid.  This is for drive-thru lines so long they block traffic.  This for ketchup and pizza qualifying as fucking vegetables.  This is for everyone who wants to do better but gets lost in the bullshit.”

Thus begins the mission statement and dedication for the vegan cookbook Thug Kitchen.  The writers, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, have established an audacious approach in an effort to achieve a difficult task.  They employ the use of a rough, tough and profane street vernacular in an attempt to encourage average punters to improve their health and eat more vegetables.

It’s no secret that our modern diet is killing us. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and dental disease can be linked to modern diet.  According to government statistics in Australia of 63% adults are overweight or obese and, according to American government statistics, it’s even worse in the USA with a whopping 68.8%.

Sure, thanks to modern medicine we are living longer, but thanks to modern diet we aren’t living as long as we could, nor are we living as well as we could.  Being overweight or obese does have a tendency to slow us down and make us lounge blimps.

We should eat better.  We know that.  So, why don’t we?

One of the problems could be is that we are addicted to bad habits…and we really don’t quite understand how to break them.  We seem to be conditioned to plan our meals around animal protein. Steak…and baked potato.  Fish and Chips.  Chicken, stuffing and fries.  Hamburger and fries.  Barbecued ribs and cornbread.  Meat pies and chips.  Bangers and mash.  Hot dogs and relish.


Okay, sure many of us have improved on that…but still…we are meat focused.

Go to a restuarant, budget or top shelf, order your main, whether it be beef, lamb, poultry, seafood, whatever.  Odds on that you’re order won’t arrive with half a plate of vegetables.

And there is, of course, another problem.  Many of us have predisposed ideas about vegans and vegetarians.

Our viewpoint is tainted, coloured and prejudiced by generalisations, bullshit and vacuous stereotyping that depict health as red blooded carnivores sitting around a fire  eating a whole cow on a weekly basis and vegetarians as counter culture misfits living on the edge of some soft shelled wimpy fantasy .  Meh, hippies are so last century.

Cartoonist, Wiley Miller, recently lampooned these attitudes in his internationally syndicated cartoon strip, Non Sequitur.

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

Non Sequitur

This is where Thug Kitchen steps in with an attempt to shatter our preconceptions of vegans as the others rather than the brothers and sisters of sensible economic diet.

After a time, the language becomes a little jejune, repetitious and lacking in real street verisimilitude, but it’s done in good faith or at least in good irreverence.  And by the time you become sort of ho-hum with the language…the message kicks in and recipes seduce your interest.

It is a damned useful cookbook and a good solid step in the right direction.  The writers introduce us to a number recipes and strategies for increasing vegetables in our diet and that’s a good thing.   And you don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to reap the benefits.

Many of us know that at least half our plate should contain vegetables, a quarter of the plate protein and another quarter a carbohydrate (starch, grains, etc).  Not only are vegetables a natural source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients…they are low in calories, they help to fill you up and stave off hunger.  Filling half your plate with vegetables is a damned good way of reducing your intake of calorie heavy proteins, dairy and starch.

My wife and I are not vegans or vegetarians but we have reduced our intake of animal protein and sugar laden processed foods for our own health and the health of the environment.  It’s a start, it works and we feel better for it.

You can visit Thug Kitchen site at:

 And the book is available at book stores and online.

One thought on “Thug Kitchen

  1. A great review of a cookbook that uses *** language to make you sit up and pay attention. And it is worth paying attention! Healthy and tantalising recipes to tempt you to challenge your approach to diet. Kitchen Thug also have a facebook page …. and a new book coming out in October called “Party Grub”.

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