March in August

The follow up to March in March in Coffs Harbour was once again held at the Jetty Foreshores.  The turn up was less than the previous march but I doubt that it was from lack of interest.  The posters and signs asserted that people’s disappointment and anger with the Abbott Government hadn’t diminished and neither had their commitment.


Disappointment in Abbott Government, a pervasive theme from many people.


Not In My Name: Issue: Slogan covering a raft of issues and broken promises that have stirred many people to reject ownership of Abbott Government’s actions.


Issue: Inhumane treatment of asylum seekers

Many of our friends and acquaintances didn’t know about the march until we told them.  In the future many of us who are on Face Book and other social media need to make more of an effort to inform ourfriends and interested parties who may not be active with social media.

Organisers presented an impressive list of speakers on the day who addressed issues concerning  funding cuts to health and education, the Government’s lack of vision and initiative concerning pressing issues of Climate Change, Reef Protection and the Environment and our inhumane lack of compassion towards  Asylum Seekers.


Mike Griffin, Rural Australians For Refugees Bellingen and Nambucca speaks on the issue: inhumane treatment and detention of asylum seekers. It is legal to seek asylum.


Amanda Short, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association speaks on health. Issues: More broken promises. Government cuts to Hospitals, GP Payments and privatisation of NSW Hospital Services.


Sarah Wood, Coffs Coast Climate Action Group speaks on environment. Issues: Environment and Climate Change. Abbott Governments failure to act on crucial environmental issues and disregard of research and science.


Adam Curliss, NSW Teacher Federation, speaks on education. Issues: TAFE cuts, undermining of job training programs and education by Abbott Government.


Michael Trist, NSW Primary Principal’s Association speaks on education. Issues: Broken promises, cuts to education funding and the ensuing impact on our local schools.


Issue: Cuts to regional educational facilities and universities. More broken promises.


Issue: Broken Promises. Abbott and Pyne abandon promise made on Gonski funding.


Issue: Abbott cynically appoints himself as Minister for Women. Patronising and Insulting.

It was unfortunate that many speeches suffered from being drowned out by the noise of the muscle speed boats screaming at top speeds through the harbour, an irony I’m sure that wasn’t wasted on many march attendees expressing concern about the Abbott government’s lack of concern for Global Warming and Sustainable Energy Options.


Coffs Coast Climate Action Group: Issue: Abbott Government’s total disregard for science and climate action and continued support for the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our climate change action and our future.


Climate Change. Another important issue. Abbott puts mining and fossil fuel interests before the Australian people, the environment and our future.


Another Broken Promise…Abbott cuts funding to ABC and SBS.

A big thanks to MarchinMarch Coffs Harbour for another successful day.  We appreciate the hard work, time and effort.  


Suggested Actions

Join a group.

Offer your time and support for a cause or an action group.

Make a donation to a cause or group who is working for your interests.

Join a network of associates who share your concerns; if there isn’t such a network then work with others to establish one.

Spread the word and encourage your friends to become active.

Stay informed and develop reliable sources of information.

Register to vote and offer to assist the candidate of your choice.

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